Protect your players

The only way to be successful as a coach is to have players that execute the plan you have devised to achieve your common goal. Whether that is winning the league or developing players for a higher level, your players are the conduit to reach your goal. You are the leader and therefore the one that players and staff look to for guidance when the going gets tough and the storm has arrived. Imagine for example that you loose the first three games of the season when everyone expected you to be fighting for the title and winning these games comfortably. … Continue reading Protect your players

How do you communicate with your staff?

We have already established that there are a lot of miscommunication in the football world between coaches and players [link to post]. Too many coaches use words that are non-contextual and without meaning and then expect the players to understand what they are talking about. The only logical conclusion to fix this problem is for you as the coach to start saying what you really mean. Most of you will agree to this and have already started saying what you mean to your players on the pitch which is very good. But how do you communicate with your staff? Imagine … Continue reading How do you communicate with your staff?

Preseason goal setting

At the moment the preseason is well on it’s way in the US and in Scandinavia with players enduring the hardship of starting up again after a relaxing vacation time away from football. The players are facing a new season with high hopes of improving themselves and their team. When they come in to training camp their enthusiasm and motivation is top and they can’t wait to get the season going. These weeks or months are spent learning and improving the style of play, team building on and off the pitch and general work to be as ready as possible … Continue reading Preseason goal setting

Using a mentor to improve

Maybe you are a young coach that have just started and want to learn as much as possible as fast as possible. Or maybe you’re a coach who wants to move on to a higher level or a coaching job with more responsibility. If you’ve read books about leadership your reason for wanting a mentor could be because that’s what it says in the book. You could also be one of those people who want to be an ”overnight success” story and use a mentor to hack the process and make that elusive step to the spotlight tomorrow. As you … Continue reading Using a mentor to improve

Are you a good role model?

No matter what position you hold in your club, if you are in a leadership position or if you are furthest down on the ladder of your organization, it’s the same question that should be going through your head. The only way for an organization to be truly successful is to acknowledge that every contribution from e v e r y o n e matters. That means that you, regardless of your position in the organization should ask yourself if you are a good role model for your players, coaches, staff, fans and even for your bosses. The question that … Continue reading Are you a good role model?

Super Bowl comeback

I am still in chock after the massive comeback from the Patriots yesterday. How can a team that is down by 25 points with only one quarter remaining not give up? What is it that makes them keep going and believe in themselves to make that comeback real? How come it looked like the Patriots knew exactly what they where doing when they found themselves in that position? The final drive in the first overtime in the history of the Super Bowl that won the game for the Pats was a statement of power. There seamed to be nothing between … Continue reading Super Bowl comeback

Are you leading by example?

When talking about leadership there are words like ”optimism”, ”freedom”, ”enabling” and ”motivation” along with other words that sound very good that are being thrown around by people who probably mean well. However, they may be missing out on the biggest difference maker and what should be the starting point of all leadership, regardless if it’s in business or in sports. Continue reading Are you leading by example?

How do you communicate with your players?

Imagine that you get in at work in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, say hi to your co-workers and sit down at your desk. You are ready to start the day and feel motivated about doing your job as good as humanly possible. Your boss comes walking up besides you, stops, looks down at you and say ”Last week you didn’t look sharp. Can you try to be a bit more sharp today?” before moving on to the next desk. You sit there at your desk with your coffee cup and a blank stare of chock and thinking, what? Continue reading How do you communicate with your players?

Slik ødelegges de unge fotballtalentene

Totalbelastningen for våre ungdomsspillere er tidvis ekstrem. Er du 17 år, og er et fotballtalent som går på toppidrettsgymnas samtidig som du spiller i 2. divisjon? Beklager, men da er risikoen stor for at du aldri kommer til å lykkes som fotballspiller. I Norge har vi et system som i sin nåværende form ødelegger flere fotballtalenter enn det skaper. Vi kaller det toppidrettsgymnas. Først skal talentet komme seg gjennom ungdomsskolen med en fotballsesong på 14-15 uker, der 30 kamper skal avvikles samtidig som konfirmasjoner og eksamener. I en periode i livet der kroppen vokser og hjernen utvikles, øker vi treningsmengden … Continue reading Slik ødelegges de unge fotballtalentene