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Marcus is an extremely competent football coach and has the qualities of a true leader. His professional skills make in stand out among the crowd!

Bruno Miguel Espalha Owner of Sportrail

As a coach it is very easy sometimes to become insular with your ideas and the way your program operates. Working with Marcus this off-season gave our program that insight and so much more. I was able to present our plans to Marcus in the areas of periodazation, culture building, and tactics and in turn received in-depth and detailed feedback and rationale on those items.

Robert C. Nydick Head Coach Men’s Soccer, Arcadia University


Contact me to discuss some of the following topics:
– Personal Mentoring
– Coach Education
– Organizational Development
– Academy Structure Analysis
– Playing Style Development and Training Methodology

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Podcast interview

Marcus was interviewed in a Finnish podcast talking about Football Actions and Player Development among other topics. The Podcast is in Finnish, Swedish and English and can be found here.

Football Tactics Evolution

In March the World Football Academy Football Tactics Evolution will take place at Red Bull Salzburg. Marcus will attend as a mentor to help the delegates and facilitate the learning process.

1-day Football Periodisation

Marcus will present the 1-day Football Periodisation course in Scandinavia this spring. On April 6 in Gothenburg, Sweden, May 5 in Langhus, Norway and May 11 in Västerås, Sweden. For more information about these courses, e-mail