What influences your coaching? – Part 1

As a coach you are continuously executing coaching actions, communicating verbally and non-verbally, making decisions and executing these decisions. Your coaching actions are influenced by your leadership style as discussed in the post Coaching vs Leading. If you want to improve your coaching you also need to improve the quality of leading and your leadership... Continue Reading →

Your Leading Reference

When you want to install a culture of your leading in your organization you want to create More (of your) Leading in Football as discussed earlier. Since you don’t only want your leading to be represented by your staff and players for one day, you also want to Maintain Many Leading over time and through... Continue Reading →

Coaching vs Leading

What is Leading in Football and where does it come in to play in relation to coaching? Being a coach in football means that you are in the overarching role, or profession, of the football coach. It does not matter if you are working full-time, part-time or if you are coaching a team without receiving... Continue Reading →

Track your development

When you are a coach you are constantly looking to improve yourself to become a better leader and coach. You want to execute better leading when interacting with your staff and players every day so that you can improve football together and increase the chance of winning games. Better leading means that your verbal and... Continue Reading →

More leading in football

When you are leading in football you are constantly communicating with your surroundings verbally and non-verbally, making decisions and executing these decisions in your everyday work as a coach on and off the pitch. You as a coach improve yourself by increasing the quality of your communication, decision making and execution. But in order to... Continue Reading →

Improving verbal communication

One of the major components of leading in football is communication. If you as a coach have a clear reference for your communication and take the game and the action that takes place within it as a starting point, the chance that everyone understands you increases. In the posts Being a role model and Leading... Continue Reading →

Get to know your players

Imagine you are coaching a game and your team is losing 2-0 after two giveaways by your centre back. He is normally one of the best players on the team and this performance is very uncharacteristic. The centre back rarely makes any mistakes, but in this game he’s made several and two of them has... Continue Reading →

Uncomfortable receiving feedback?

As a coach and as a leader you are constantly giving your players and staff members feedback for their work every day. That’s part of being a good leader, to always help guide the process by providing relevant feedback. You received some of your training in giving feedback when you did your coach education courses.... Continue Reading →

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