Mentoring testimonials

“The Coaching Mentoring Program has been a great success. Marcus has been an exceptional mentor to me. In a football (soccer) world where seemingly every training session can be Googled and the subjectivity of coaches can be copied, Marcus has helped me grow in objectivity of coaching football. As a young coach, I would not have gained the objective knowledge of coaching and leading a football team if not for the mentoring of Marcus. His constant support has been invaluable.” – Jodel Wright, Head Coach, NCAA Division II, Nyack College

As your mentor I will help you with your professional development as a coach. We will work together to help you learn and improve your coaching so that you can develop better players. Subscribe today!

If you represent a club or organization, I may be available on a consultancy basis to help more of your coaches at once. Read more here.

“As a coach it is very easy sometimes to become insular with your ideas and the way your program operates. Working with Marcus this off-season gave our program that insight and so much more. I was able to present our plans to Marcus in the areas of periodazation, culture building, and tactics and in turn received in-depth and detailed feedback and rationale on those items.” – Robert C. Nydick, Head Coach Men’s Soccer, Arcadia University

Having a mentor that can provide you with honest, quality guidance is extremely valuable for your professional development. Read more about Subscribing here.

Our mentoring sessions will take place over Skype with the possibility to bounce e-mail back and fourth between sessions. Everything that we share is strictly confidential and with the sole purpose to make you a better coach and leader!

“His insightful questioning and guided self help discovery is an important part of any coaches journey. Many mentors who claim to know very rarely have the professional background and knowledge or the inner workings of their chosen subject.” – Dan Evans, Youth Coach

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