Maybe you are a young coach that have just started and want to learn as much as possible as fast as possible. Or maybe you’re a coach who need someone to talk to, someone you can trust with your thoughts and ideas without worrying about club-politics or backstabbing attempts. The reasons for wanting and/or needing a mentor that can give you a distanced and honest review of your situation can differ, but I have a solution for you.

As your mentor I will help you with your development as a coach. When we speak there is only one focus, and that is to help you with your coaching and your leading in your situation. I can help you with things like goal setting, personal and professional growth, improving your leading, improving your coaching, evaluation of sessions, feedback on periodisation and training methodology.

Our mentoring sessions will take place over a video call with follow-ups on e-mail to make it possible for you to take part in a growth process without sacrificing hours coaching at your club. Everything that we share will be strictly confidential and with the only goal to make you a better coach!

We will start by doing a free video or voice call of 30-45 mins where we get to know each other and get a feel for what I can help you with. After deciding we should proceed you will have the possibility to choose between different mentoring packages that are customized towards your needs.

To get started, just send an e-mail with a short summary of why you would like to be mentored now!

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