If you want to get a more inside look on what I do you can! Exclusive inside into my daily life, observations and the possibility for personal online mentoring. (Click here for testimonials) These observations and reflections after watching professional teams train, meeting with professional coaches, watching games or attending courses, meeting, seminars etc.

In addition I also post reviews of books I’ve read to give you an impression if that book could be something for you that could further your development. This is a project under constant development. 

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The first tier will give you access to my updates and a newsletter. These updates can be from my own experiences in coaching and leadership or from watching other coaches and talking to them. In this way you can take out principles from what coaches at the top level is doing to help your own players improve. In the newsletter there will be for example, book reviews, tips about high quality coaching courses or a short written message from myself.

On the second tier you get, in addition to the newsletter, book reviews and the opportunity to e-mail questions to me about whatever you might think about and I will answer to the best of my ability and when I have time. There is no limit to the amount of questions except the time I have to answer. (Usually once or twice per week)

The third tier is only 3 (!!) spots for personal mentoring for coaches who want to improve themselves. One Skype session per month and e-mails back and forth during the entire time as a level three subscriber. Click here for testimonials from earlier mentees.

All Patrons will get my sometimes weekly, sometimes daily, sometimes monthly updates where I tell you first hand about my experiences and reflections in my current coaching environment.

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