Marcus Walfridson is a professional football coach with a strong level of experience across multiple areas of the game – from senior coaching & scouting, to academy management & technical directorship.

“I have known Marcus since 2014 when he successfully passed my Football Periodisation Mentorship. Based on the professional and open-minded impression I got from him during this intense course, he was invited for the WFA Expert Meeting 2015 at FC Barcelona and the 2016 edition at Feyenoord Rotterdam. These experiences have allowed him to become an expert in football periodisation. As Marcus is always looking to improve himself and to stretch his boundaries further, in the summer of 2016 he attended the WFA Personal Development Course in Rotterdam. Based on my experiences with Marcus over the last three years, I can honestly say he is a coach with potential who is eager to learn and seeks new ways to improve himself as well as the people in his surrounding.”
Raymond Verheijen – Director of the World Football Academy

A lifelong student of the game and leadership researcher, with experience managing senior teams as well as youth structures, Marcus is able to employ modern performance techniques & periodisation to maximize the potential of players & coaches.

“I have known and worked with Marcus over the last 10 years. He is a very professional person no matter what the situation demands and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Marcus has a great work capacity and is very loyal. He will give any team / group an extra dimension, great energy and inspiration.”
Mike Speight – Experienced Coach & Former Player