Pro course 2019

The World Football Academy Pro Course of 2019 can be easily summarized as the best coach(ing) education I have ever attended. This course was so good that it’s difficult to express in words. But that won’t stop me from trying…

In the World Football Academy pathway, the Pro course is the Level 3 course after the Expert Meeting (Level 2) and Football Periodisation Mentorship, Football Braining Experience and Football Tactics Evolution courses at Level 1.

If you are a coach who aspire to be the best you can be you should immediately start your WFA educational pathway and register for a 1-day course. Here’s an overview of this summers courses in the US – more than 100 coaches are already registered, so hurry up if you want to experience top coach education.

This years WFA Pro course with 22 coaches from all over the world took place in Leipzig, Germany at the facilities of Red Bull Leipzig who went through great lengths to make sure we felt welcome. We were allowed to conduct training sessions with RB Leipzig U15 & U17 team on the Academy stadium, how often does that happen to most of us?

Throughout the week we were divided into subgroups tasked with creating a new concept of Individual Training Methodology within the Team Training Methodology that we created last year. In my subgroup we constantly thought we were shit during the week only to end up at the top of the table when the whole group had voted on each concept.

70DFE1CE-EC3C-47B8-A59D-D91BD16DBED0Subgroup 5: Marcus Walfridson, Graham Potter and Chris Bentley

Maybe that feeling of not being quite good enough, or in other words, not being satisfied, always thinking there is a better way of doing things was a good one this time. There is little doubt this feeling of always wanting to improve and do things better is strong in all of us that were a part of subgroup 5.

The course started on Monday at 5 pm and ended on Saturday at 2 pm. In this time period we had 6 training sessions, 5 lectures from external experts such as Peter Bosz, Rasmus Ankersen, James Smith, Nikos Overheul and the RB Leipzig Academy staff.

Every day started at 8 am with training sessions and plenary sessions during the day until 10.30-11.30 pm, continued with subgroup work until somewhere between 2-4 am. As you might imagine there was not many hours of sleep; my record was 4:07 in the beginning of the week which became under 3 hours before the final day and our subgroup presentation.

Many of you who read the paragraph above will think “why is it necessary to have these extreme days?” and you will continue to do things in the exact same ways as you’ve always done reaching the same results. The WFA educational pathway is not for you, nor is Football Coach Mentoring for you.

However, there are some of you who read that paragraph and know that the only way to be the best you can be is to push your boundaries, stepping outside your comfort zone into an environment of high demands and people smarter than yourself. The WFA educational pathway is definitely for you!

One of my reflections this year was that even if I were to stop working in football I would still want to come back to this course and get my ass kicked, my boundaries pushed while being inspired by the world class level of Raymond Verheijen’s education and all the top coaches in the room.

If you ever have the chance to attend a WFA coaching course, never mind a Level 1,2 or 3 course – you need to take it – your life will be different afterwards, you will become better as a coach and as a human being. Growth comes through having your beliefs questioned, your intellect challenged, your body pushed while being in a secure learning environment.   

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