Periodisation Mentorship 2019

It was 50 coaches from all around the world in the capital of Wales for a week that should be mandatory for all coaches. It was the 2019 edition of the World Football Academy Football Periodisation Mentorship.


The course started on Monday morning with a very clear reference for the individual delegates in terms of expectation and obligations for the week. There was only one request made: “Behave in the same way as you expect your players to behave”.

Very simple but powerful analogy for all the coaches in the room who then are forced to live up to the same standards as they expect from their players – which was shown to be more difficult than they thought.

Already on the first evening, one coach residing in Asia, neglected to behave in a way that he himself expected from his players and hence was shown the door. Hopefully this coach can learn from his expensive mistake and be a better role model to his players in the future.

During the course, Raymond Verheijen let coaches experience situation and reference coaching not only in the classroom but also on the pitch. During practical sessions with Cardiff City FC U17 he demonstrated structured coaching which grabbed the attention of the players and coaches on the sideline.

Throughout the week there were three topics being taught (in addition to the constant personal development) – Football Periodisation, Football Tactics and Football Braining. Observing the learning process of the delegates was very fascinating.

Many coaches struggled with letting previous learned experiences and subjective knowledge go, which made the week a very bumpy road for some. However, seeing the joy when the penny dropped and the objective knowledge creating new references in their brain made it worth it and was very rewarding to observe.

Learning about the what, the game of football in an objective way is extremely important if you want to be a good coach. Attending a course and receiving information that is based on logical thinking and not subjective biases or experiences is unfortunately not very common in the football world.

After an intensive week of learning like this it’s extremely important for coaches to take the time to reflect and let everything sink in. Even then there will be many questions, maybe even more questions about the game than before the course. This is the reason for the existence of Football Coach Mentoring.

If you are a coach who want to improve, the WFA Periodisation Mentorship is the course you need to attend. It will give you a foundation of objective knowledge on which to build your personal development and coaching career. 

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