The summer is here and things are slowing down. That is also the case on this blog where there hasn’t been a post for a couple of weeks. One can imagine that the reason is that I’m lying on the beach working on my tan instead of the blog. Unfortunately that’s not quite true. Although I’ve actually seen the beach this year (not a common summer occurrence for me) that is not the reason for the lack of blog posts.

Last week I returned from the World Football Academy Expert Meeting and Personal Development Course in Lisbon, Portugal. In the Expert Meeting there where 40 coaches from all over the world that made the environment be of an extremely high level. One attending coach referred to it as “Navy SEAL training for football coaches” – and after sitting through another 16 hour day of top-class coach education with a yearning for more, it’s difficult to argue against that statement. The extremely high level of Raymond Verheijen is mirrored in all aspects of the event with top guest lectures as former Ajax, and new Borussia Dortmund coach Peter Bosz.

After the Expert Meetings there was 4 more days of Personal Development in a course where only 8 coaches participate which creates an unique environment. For everyone who wants to make a true change to their lives and careers this course is highly recommended. Personally I did a couple of sessions on leading in football that gave me a lot of feedback to make the presentation and content even better. This will in turn lead to more and better blog articles. However, since these 9 days was of such a high level and with so much great information and learning experiences, reflection is needed to ensure that learning takes place.

That’s where the no blog posts come into the picture. It has only been a week since returning from Portugal and so far I’ve spent 10 hours writing my notes into my computer, and I’m not finished… When that is done I will summarize and theorize certain events that relate to my own practice before being ready and able to write content that is good enough for you.

Hopefully there will be something new up next week, but I’m not making any guarantees. First I’m heading to Seattle for 6 days and then to Chicago for the Leaders in Sports Summit. If you’re in the area and want to meet up to discuss football and leadership, drop me a line and we’ll make it happen!

Check out the WFA here and make sure to get the books, top quality coaching education!

Enjoy the summer!

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