Your Leading Reference

When you want to install a culture of your leading in your organization you want to create More (of your) Leading in Football as discussed earlier. Since you don’t only want your leading to be represented by your staff and players for one day, you also want to Maintain Many Leading over time and through a flurry of external factors, in crisis and when enjoying success. More leading by your staff and players means that they are communicating verbally and non-verbally, making decisions and executing leading actions within your reference of leading. What is your reference of leading and what influences this reference?

In short your leading reference is the how of your verbal and non-verbal communication, how you make decisions and how you execute these leading actions. The how of these different characteristics are based on your personal principles, your knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication both theoretically and practically in addition to your past experiences. This means that the events that has shaped your personal principles, for example the cultural norms in the country of your childhood, will influence how you communicate with your surroundings, make decisions and execute leading actions. In the same way the theoretical knowledge that you’ve attained through years of education at school and participating in coaching courses is constantly influencing your decision making, your verbal and non-verbal communication. After executing leading actions for several years you have experiences of what kind of communication works in a certain situation or what decisions not to make in another. These experiences will influence your future communication and decision making in similar situations in the future.

Now imagine that you go to a coaching course with a top presenter that is able to transfer a lot of knowledge on the subject of Football Tactics to you. This course will give you a lot of theoretical knowledge on a subject that you regularly communicate with your staff and players about. Will you still talk to your staff and players in the same way when talking about Football Tactics after this course? Or is there a possibility that your verbal communication will be slightly adjusted after attaining this new knowledge? If you have learned something during a coaching course that added to your level of knowledge there is a chance that your how of communicating has also changed slightly, which in turn will effect your leading reference.

As a coach you are executing leading actions every day and in a lot of different situations. Imagine that you are the head coach of a team that starts the season with three straight defeats. You will have a lot of challenging leading actions on your hands and are forced to make many tough decisions in order to turn the situation around. Some decisions will turn out to be bad even though you thought it was the right one to make at the time. However because there where external factors in that situation that you had never encountered before, it made a theoretically sound decision turn out to be bad. This can be a valuable experience for you that will potentially influence your future decision making greatly before executing a leading action in similar situation.

Your current leading reference, or the how of your verbal and non-verbal communication, decision making and execution is based on your personal principles, your base of knowledge and your past experiences. However, your leading reference is continually influenced by any new knowledge that you attain in your development as a coach as well as the experiences of executing leading actions and observing the outcome. As a coach wanting to implement more leading it could be a good idea to have an understanding of what your personal principles, level of knowledge and level of experience are so that you also know what your leading reference is. When you know what your leading reference is you have a greater chance of creating More Leading and also Maintaining Good and Maintaining Many Leading.

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