More leading in football

When you are leading in football you are constantly communicating with your surroundings verbally and non-verbally, making decisions and executing these decisions in your everyday work as a coach on and off the pitch. You as a coach improve yourself by increasing the quality of your communication, decision making and execution. But in order to be truly successful as a leader you will probably need to increase the amount of leading actions within your organization as well. You as the leader might want to install a certain type of behavior in the organization that you believe will help your club achieve success. That means that you need to implement your application of communication, decision making and execution in the people throughout your club. In other words, you want to create more of your leading actions within the staff and squad of players. For your staff and players to be able to execute good leading actions they have to be within the reference of your leading.

Imagine that you have a squad of players that on the pitch not only execute good football actions but also execute good leading actions. For example the opponent may be doing a different setup on a set piece or switch from four to three defenders and your players immediately respond by adapting. By executing good leading actions one or more of your players identify the need for adaptation and moves team-mates on the set piece to cover it appropriately. They adapt your style of play immediately by switching the play more to use the space on the sides that the three defenders of the opponent struggle to cover.

Imagine a group of staff that deal with issues on and off the pitch without first asking you what they should do. Your group of staff is not waiting for orders but take initiatives themselves and execute good leading actions since they are within the framework of your leading and common objectives. Maybe one of the results could be that your staff spend more time improving your players instead of waiting for instructions from you?

When you think of creating more leading actions within your staff you probably think that it makes a lot of sense and that you heard it all before. Maybe you think that by delegating assignments and handing out different responsibilities to your staff you have created more leading? Perhaps that is the case, but does delegating in itself mean that the person receiving the assignment will execute leading actions from within your reference? Is the fact that you give a coach on your staff a responsibility of a certain area something that in itself makes that coach execute leading actions? You are the only one who can answer these questions in your situation since everyone is different and your current staff is different from your last staff.

More leading actions within your staff is the communication, decision making and execution of actions from your coaches within the reference of your leading. That means that even though you have not cloned yourself, some of your behaviors have been duplicated by the coaches on your staff. More precisely, your coaches are applying some of the same methods as you, the how of your communication, the how of your decision making and the how of your execution. This doesn’t mean that they will be carbon copies of you since they are only applying your methods from the starting point of their own personalities. However, it does mean that they will probably use the same principles as you when communicating with players, make decisions based on yours and execute them in a similar manner as you have done.

The same is applicable for more leading within your squad of players. However you should keep in mind that your players will not only be influenced by your leading reference but also the leading actions of your staff. This fact means that you should first make sure that your leading reference is clear and understood by your staff. That way your staff can reciprocate your reference when executing leading actions with your players. When all of your staff are communicating, making decisions and executing decisions based on the same principles as you the chance of your players execution good leading actions from the same reference increases. When your staff and players leading actions are within the reference of your leading, when they are applying the same how of the verbal and non-verbal communication, decision making and execution as you do, that is more (of your) leading actions.

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