Are you a good role model?

No matter what position you hold in your club, if you are in a leadership position or if you are furthest down on the ladder of your organization, it’s the same question that should be going through your head. The only way for an organization to be truly successful is to acknowledge that every contribution from e v e r y o n e matters. That means that you, regardless of your position in the organization should ask yourself if you are a good role model for your players, coaches, staff, fans and even for your bosses.

The question that you may be asking yourself right now is ’why does it matter what I do?’.
Now, if you are a coach at the top level then it should, without a doubt be the starting point of your leadership to be a good role model. But even if you’re chipping away at the bottom end of the ladder you can be a leader among your fellow staff members and set a positive example. And there is no more powerful way of leadership than leading by example. This will influence the culture in the team and the organization in a powerful way and it will show to the fans and/or parents that ultimately pay your salary. Being a good role model is what should be the starting point for all leaders, to do the same things that you ask from your players may seam obvious to you. Unfortunately the world is full of people who call themselves leaders and ask the people under them to keep to a high standard while not living up to it themselves.

Being a good role model sounds easy enough, but if it’s that easy why aren’t every leader a good role model? There are probably not a lot of people who would say that parenting is easy, and that is the essence of being a role model 24/7. Everything you do influences your child and you know that even though you say ’no’, odds are your child will end up doing exactly the same thing as you. It’s the same thing when you are coaching your team on the pitch or leading a team-meeting before a game. The ones that you are responsible for as a leader, your ”children”, are looking at your every move, listening to every word you say and unconsciously mimic your behavior in varying degrees.

So when you ask yourself ’am I a good role model?’ the answer should come from the context of your personal and organizational goals. Are you behaving in a way that is helping to install the culture that you want in the organization? Are your actions helping the people around you grow and to achieve your common goals? You are the one who is most capable of answering these questions, so take the time and reflect upon your daily practice by taking a good hard look in the mirror. Perhaps you see a reflection of someone who already is a good role model, or maybe, the reflection is of a person who sometimes says one thing and does another. The good news is that it’s not too late to change and to become a better leader, start today by being a good role model!

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