Super Bowl comeback

I am still in chock after the massive comeback from the Patriots yesterday. How can a team that is down by 25 points with only one quarter remaining not give up? What is it that makes them keep going and believe in themselves to make that comeback real? How come it looked like the Patriots knew exactly what they where doing when they found themselves in that position?

The final drive in the first overtime in the history of the Super Bowl that won the game for the Pats was a statement of power. There seamed to be nothing between Brady and the end zone, only time and a string of plays. But this team was 25 points behind, Brady had thrown an interception earlier in the game and they had conceded 14 points from turnovers in the first half. Why didn’t they pack it in? Many teams of many different sports has been in the same situation, coming to the championship game, being down by 3 scores with only a quarter left and folded. So what is it that made the Patriots withstand that inclination of packing it in and instead fight through to the end and turn the game around?

The coaching of Bill Belichick and his reputation for always being prepared for every scenario could be one answer. During a long season the coaching staff has prepared the players for different scenarios in different games. Although this was no ordinary game, there was a feeling when the last drive of the game started, that this was somehow a scenario that they had practised, they knew what they where doing, they’ve been here before, albeit only in practice.

Combining the preparation of great coaching with the quality on-field leadership of the worlds greatest quarterback of all time does not hurt. To observe the composure and clarity in the play calling and execution in yesterdays comeback was very impressive. However, one could argue that it’s impossible to achieve that comeback without an enormous amount of preparation from the coaching staff and all the players .

So the answers to the questions of what and how this enormous comeback is possible could be as simple as; quality coaching, great leadership and detailed preparation for all game-scenarios imaginable. Now the question for you as a coach in your sport is how you can learn from the worlds best football team and incorporate this culture in your team and your organization.

Are there other things that you think made the comeback possible or do you disagree with some of the stuff above? Leave a comment and let me know!

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